Important Documents For Change



Important Documents For Change 

This page is intended as a page to provide evidence and support to those people who are new to the Idea and concept that this website considers its primary mission. Our mission is to provide a solid basic understanding of the impending changes in our worlds political and financial institutions world wide. These major cultural lynch pins are corrupt.  The healing of these edifices of power and control will require drastic alterations in the  current systems and rules under which they now operate . Many corrupt individuals are being arrested and more very powerful people will continue to be arrested. We will all witness the fall from power petty personalities which have been involved in racketeering on a level that will shock many.

To understand how these long standing criminal activities have been allowed for so long will require an open mind willing to appreciate the depth of the corruption and the depth and breadth of it influence. To grasp the acts and crimes that  are perpetuated by those who abuse their positions of influence it will be necessary for the average person to educate themselves with some very important and powerful documents. Some of the documents presented here are more well known than others. Some of these documents will be older and easily recognized. Other documents may be more universal and new, while some may be more specific to certain aspects of the corruption which is destroying our worlds cultural heritage. We hope to maintain a high level of integrity and standards in regard to the articles that will be made available here for all to enjoy for their edification.

Again we will encourage you to be inspired and to submit your own ideas for profound documents speeches and articles from antiquity to the present to be shared here for the world to have as a reference when it comes time to truly take responsibility to support Love and Truth oriented changes on our world. These documents are certainly relevant now and will be at the time of the EVENT and after as well.

You can submit ideas for additional documents via multiple channels:

Victory to The Light

Rob Potter

PFC Leadership

1)      Declaration Of Independence

2)     The Constitution Of the United States

3)     The Bill Of Rights

4)     Sermon on The Mount

5A)  The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine (Verbose)

5B)  The Rights Of Man by Thomas Paine (Concise)

6)    The Great American Adventure (Downloadable PDF)

7)    The Venus Project

8)   Scalar Plasma Field history of Chimera Group